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Job #919 - Web Software Engineer - fresh funded crypto startup (building pickaxes and shovels)
Web Developers Python, Django, PHP, LAMP, User Interface,Javascript, backbone, angular etc, Web Application Development - Full Stack

Salary range:
$100,000 - $120,000

Boston , Massachusetts

Web Software Engineer - join as a founding engineer at this fresh funded crypto startup (building pickaxes and shovels)

Seeking a highly productive mid-level software engineer. Will be the first engineer hired to join the small team of co-founders (<5) experienced entrepreneurs with impressive coding skills.

Salary is competitive and negotiable, with early-stage equity up to around 1%, depending on the individual’s experience and impact potential. Will also offer flexible WFH options and a fluid co-working space ~ “ I'm flexible but I suspect Red line makes the most sense “ - CTO

This new co-founding engineer must be a self-starter with full web-stack development. New development is currently focused on the front-end and total Greenfields. New engineer will pick JavaScript related frameworks/libraries (React, Angular, Vue etc.) and related technologies. However, still need to be comfortable enough to work with JSON data in MySQL. Back-end tech also includes Python/Django.

For more info contact Bivium Founder Jamie LeBlanc - jamie@biviumgroup.com


Bivium founder Jamie LeBlanc has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been a key member of several startups - a technical software recruiter who understands software and the technologies used to build it. Jamie is a top ranked technical recruiter in Boston with >85 written Recommendations on LinkedIn that has been expertly recruiting and placing Software Engineers for the past 20 years.

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