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Job #864 - Lead Python, Django Web Developer with Founder level equity
Web Application Development - Full Stack

Salary range:
$110,000 - $170,000

Boston, Massachusetts

Principal or Lead Software Engineer with big equity for a startup in Boston, MA - need strong production Python (and Django) skills.

The Founder is looking for a good new candidate to be his “right hand” – likely could scale up to a VP or CTO:

Lead level – big Founder-Level equity (0.5 to 2%) – salary target 145k but could get to around 170k to account for big equity (if someone will take less, higher on equity). Great path for someone who wants to get “lead” experience. I suspect this will be a VP or CTO role soon.

Founder most focused on day 1 technical competency (can code well with Python!) AND a “good person” – someone he could grab a beer with…

* * *

We are a great team of work hard - play hard engineers. Our goal is to build software that is not only used but also useful to people. When I say useful I mean actually makes a difference in our users' lives. This fits directly with our customers first company culture. While doing this, we also strive to always push further! Always learn new things, share knowledge and continuously work on improving ourselves.

As engineers, keeping on top on the latest technology is very important. At the same time, I try to keep a very laid back atmosphere where we are all part of a team that is winning together. We strive to be the best to build the best product. This is what I am proud to describe as THE start-up experience.

Our platform is a highly available and highly scalable distributed analytics platform that is architected to do data analytics (statistical analysis, statistical learning, ML, and IA) at scale. We have a lot of "high traffic site" needs (a large number of daily users) paired with fast big data analytics. We take calculated risks and make strides to use the latest technology to support this ambition: distributed queues of workers, Neo4j (graph database) and graphql API.

The position I am hiring for today is for someone to help me scale and to take on over time a leadership position to manage the remote team in order to allow me to focus on the strategic tasks. I would need someone that I can 100% trust and work with on the direction and design of the platform. The position is unique and exciting at it is our 1st hire in Boston. This is a chance to be the 1st engineer working alongside the CTO to put his/her thumbprint right at the beginning of an amazing adventure. An added benefit is that, while the product is early it is already selling, a lot of the early stage risks are mitigated. I am also proud to say that we have minimal technical debt. This is due to our great team's ability to create quality code on the first go. This is a chance to lead and work along side the best engineers.

● Expert in Python/Django;
● Able to work with ORMs (Object Relational Mapper) libraries;
● Able to integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system;
● Able to build highly scalable distributed applications
● Able to build a resilient data retrieval process with industry-leading APIs (SFDC, Jira. etc.)
● Able to build a scalable data analytics platform and derive statistically meaningful information from the data.
● Understanding of the threading, and multi-process architecture;
● General understanding (preferably, some experience too) of front-end technologies, such as JavaScript/Angular.JS, HTML5, and CSS3;

* * *

To learn more - scott@biviumgroup.com

About Me - The Bivium Group: Scott Dunlop on LinkedIn

I am the recruiter people work with who don't work with recruiters!

For over 20 years I’ve been Boston’s leading software engineer/software developer Recruiter (with nearly 100 public LinkedIn recommendations) - I'm exclusively focused on the Software Engineering market in Boston – I’m always looking to expand & build strong, long-term relationships with exceptional clients and talent.

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