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Job #850 - Java developer (any level), easy South/Metrowest Commute to Foxborough, MA- get speech experience

Salary range:
$65,000 - $130,000

Foxborough, Massachusetts

Java developer (any level), easy South/Metrowest Commute to Foxborough, MA- get speech experience

Bivium has placed 10+ engineers on this team and have worked with this client for many years....tons of $$$, sales and still growing rapidly. VERY happy engineering group.

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Some great details about our client:

We continue to grow, both in terms of revenue/client base and staff.

We presently have about 30 developers working with the Application Development team: total engineering team, across all engineering groups, is probably >100 (it depends on how we count some of the R&D functions we have). The immediate dev team for this role is ~30 though.

Our client a positive, growing, great place to work, delivering a product that their clients, and their customers, like/enjoy).

This role often extends beyond pure coding (there is some design, some client facing aspects and some analytics for instance) which keeps it interesting.

The fact that it's client-directed engineering work, and that the typical project is probably 4-6mo in duration, meaning there is significant variety/challenge in the work over time.

We have a pretty strong history of retaining developer talent (I'd guess our average tenure is >4yrs for this role) which I think speaks to the continued challenge/enjoyment.

Product is a SAAS model, using a lot of in-house IP and technology, in a growing industry segment, and an area of technology that interests many developers.

The requirements we currently have open are entry/junior (0-3 years), but I am interested in considering more senior talent also (if we find the right senior candidate I anticipate opening the req will not be an issue). We could hire "3" candidates now.

In addition to the 'pitch' notes above, I think we office a competitive benefits package and, for many of our employees, the commute to Franklin is a positive vs a city commute.

For my team we also operate in a 'Flexible Work from Home' modality, once someone has onboarded successfully we have many developers who will work ~3 days a week in the office and the other two remote.

The most important skills are:

1.Great Java skills
2.Excellent communication skills
3. Sharp/bright -can quickly ramp up things that are new, without fear.

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To learn more - scott@biviumgroup.com

About Me - The Bivium Group: Scott Dunlop on LinkedIn

I am the recruiter people work with who don't work with recruiters!

For over 20 years Iíve been Bostonís leading software engineer/software developer Recruiter (with nearly 100 public LinkedIn recommendations) - I'm exclusively focused on the Software Engineering market in Boston Ė Iím always looking to expand & build strong, long-term relationships with exceptional clients and talent.

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